About Us

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Who We Are

L3 Farm Rabbitry is a “backyard homestead” located in the heart of the Yakima Valley. We specialize in the beautiful and gentle American Chinchilla, which is a breed of rabbit that was developed between 1919 and 1924 in the United States. As such, this is one of our Heritage breeds — and yet, the American Chinchilla is very rare!

We began raising rabbits in 2013 but didn’t get serious about it until the following year. It wasn’t until November of 2014 that we bought our first pedigreed rabbit: an American Chinchilla named Cassandra. It wasn’t long before we swiftly fell in love with them and bought two more just a week or two later. That same month, we began entering them in rabbit shows hosted by members of the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA). At the first three shows, we were the only ones showing American Chinchilla rabbits at all! We’re picking up speed now, though — more breeders are coming to shows with American Chinchilla rabbits.

While we are relatively small in size, our breeding program has produced some impressive results. We’ve even received a Best in Show in Kennewick, Washington with nearly one thousand rabbits entered! It has taken several years, but the judges’ comments have been rewarding; we’re not the only ones who have seen the quality of this breed improve, and the judges have been quite vocal in their surprise and delight with the changes they’re seeing in the Pacific Northwest.

Please read our posts to learn more about us or about the American Chinchilla and our experiences raising them.

You can also order our tattoo boxes and/or inquire about purchasing our rabbits and get onto our waiting list by contacting us on Facebook (just send us a message) or through our online store (coming soon).

What We Have to Offer

  • Show-quality American Chinchillas with full pedigrees, from top breeder lines
  • Pet/meat-quality rabbits
  • Hand-crafted, adjustable rabbit tattoo boxes
  • Vinyl decals for car windows, binders, signs, and more
  • Custom vinyl decals for carriers, vehicles, rabbitry logos, personalized text, or from an image

Our Goals

  • To improve the American Chinchilla breed through a responsible breeding program.
  • To focus on eliminating unacceptable traits and strengthening poor ones, in accordance with the ARBA Standard of Perfection (SoP) for the breed.
  • To remove from our genetic lines any rabbits who exhibit aggressive behavior toward other animals or people.
  • To show our rabbits to objectively determine the success of our breeding program and promote further refinement.
  • To raise our rabbits in humane and ethical conditions, and ensure every animal is treated to loving care, for the highest quality of domestic life possible.
  • To take pride in the products we sell, and offer only the highest quality of livestock and other goods.
  • To take an active part in promoting the American Chinchilla rabbit breed and maintain a collaborative and supportive relationship with fellow breeders.
  • To enjoy our journey with these intelligent, curious, gentle and beautiful rabbits.

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