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    Enumclaw, WA
    14 Nov 2015

    I brought six Am Chins to Enumclaw. There were thirteen total on the table: 2 senior bucks, 1 intermediate buck, 3 junior bucks, 2 senior does, and 5 junior does. We had the numbers for up to three Grand Champion "leg" awards (BOB, BOSB, and potentially the junior doe class, if she doesn't win either BOB or BOSB), as these animals very proudly represented the hard work of three individual breeders: Elizabeth Heurung, Ariel Harrison, and myself. It was Ariel's first show, too!

    George Germaine judged Show A. He praised us on the improving quality of the American Chinchillas he's seeing on the tables here in the Northwest. It's always good to hear that from folks who see so many rabbits and really know what's out there, and have been judging for so long!

    In Show A, my intermediate buck (actually a junior, but bumped a class), Walt's Daniel, took Best of Breed. Ariel, again attending her first rabbit show ever, took Best Opposite of Breed with her junior doe. He was very impressed with Daniel, and went so far as to say that he had a chance for Best in Show!

    Cliff Dick judged Show B. He also noted that we had a number of very nice Am Chins represented! He was a real jokester and we had a lot of fun bantering with him as he judged the rabbits.

    In Show B, my buck was just barely edged out for Best of Breed by Elizabeth Heurung's senior buck (L3 Farm's Bronte, aka "Tom"), who got his last leg toward Grand Championship! He's from my rabbitry, so it felt like a win for me too. Best Opposite of Breed again went to that fabulous doe of Ariel's.

    2015 ARBA Convention
    31 Oct 2015 - 4 Nov 2015

    I recently attended the 2015 ARBA Convention in Portland, Oregon. Five days, over 16,000 rabbits, all under one roof! It was a fabulous time, full of mayhem and excitement and best of all, every ARBA-recognized breed. Also, many breeds that are currently attempting to become ARBA-recognized, and some that are varieties of existing breeds not currently accepted on the show table. Some of these earned a step forward in their development; others failed to impress and must now regroup and try again at another ARBA Convention.

    Forty-eight American Chinchillas were entered, and even with the inevitable couple of "scratches" (rabbits that, for one reason or another, were unable to be brought along when the time came), we had a great turn-out and represented our breed well. There were many great animals, showing how well we've progressed! With such a rare, heritage breed, starting with so many flaws (as dictated by the ARBA's Standard of Perfection, which focuses greatly on their being an effective meat and fur animal), it was very evident that we have come a long way. Great job, American Chinchilla breeders and enthusiasts!

    I brought five Am Chins; I'm especially proud of a recent addition to my herd, Walt's Daniel (Walt Reichert's breeding, with a pedigree of half Reichert and half Bryan Clum). He took 2nd of 9 junior bucks! At the National level, that's fantastic.

    Best of Breed went to the junior doe owned by Tex Thomas. Best Opposite of Breed went to the senior buck owned by Sarah Crocker. Congratulations to both, and to all of the winners of the class categories, as well as Luckyfoot Rabbitry for winning the ACRBA Sweepstakes. Thanks to our great folks, we even won one of five awards (and cash prizes) for having the cleanest coop area around our animals.