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    American Chinchilla Rabbits

    My show-quality American Chinchillas are always provided with full pedigrees and come from very selective lines. This is not a profit farm. I breed American Chinchillas because:

    • They are one of the finest meat rabbits in the world, with only medium (not heavy) bone, a great dress-out and high meat-to-bone ratio, and notably better taste than many other breeds of rabbit.
    • They are great mothers, requiring next to no work to breed. They are attentive to their kits, and have good-sized litters of 8-10.
    • They have very gentle dispositions, and are not prone to flightiness; they quickly take to being petted and handled, and can even become quite affectionate.
    • They have a fast growth rate, while maintaining a relatively low amount of feed for that rate of growth (good feed-to-weight conversion).
    • They have beautiful fur that is impossible to duplicate artificially, and that no other breed has, that can also achieve all of the points above.
    • They are a "Heritage" breed, one that was developed in the United States.
    • They are endangered. Not because people raise too many, and eat them. The opposite is true! Because of a lack of demand, they nearly went extinct. By raising this breed, and using it for all of the purposes for which it is useful, it is strengthened and other breeders see it as a viable alternative to the other, more popular, rabbit breeds.
    • They are a challenge. Limited genetic stock has caused this breed to suffer from several faults that have become common, making it very difficult to breed the fault out. It takes careful breeding, patience, and time, to improve an entire breed of animal, especially when there are very few breeders sharing your passion. But a certain type of person enjoys that sort of challenge, and apparently I'm one of them!

    One of our young rabbits
    I do not always have rabbits available for sale, but I have a waiting list you can join (one each for bucks and does). I sell kits in order of placement on the list as kits become available and are weaned. I do not sell rabbits until they reach 8 weeks of age. No exceptions. If you are requesting a show-quality rabbit, I also will not sell you a rabbit I do not consider show-quality. This can mean a longer wait, as I may have an entire litter of ten kits, and only find one or two who are good enough (or even none!). My reputation is on the line, and while I cannot guarantee that any rabbit will grow up to become a Grand Champion (no breeder can), I refuse to give you a substandard animal out of the gate.

    I also sell pet-quality/meat rabbits. These are the kits who do not make the "show-quality" rating. This is the great majority of any litter of kits, in almost every case. I almost always have these available, or the waiting list is a very short one. These may be between 8 and 16 weeks old, and weigh between 5 and 7 pounds. They are sold by the live weight (by law) and sold alive. If you would like me to dress the rabbit out for you after you have purchased it, we can arrange that.

    Rabbit sales, both Show- and Pet/Meat- quality, are available only locally, or delivered to a show I am attending. The list of shows on the right-hand side of the page shows all upcoming shows; ones marked with "Planning to attend" are ones that I am likely going to be going to. Ones with "Entry form submitted" are certain.

    Hand-Crafted Rabbit Tattoo Boxes

    Our Tattoo Box

    Tattoos for rabbits are a means of identification, and are not just for rabbit shows (where tattoos are required). It provides any rabbit breeder the ability to keep track of their animals in a simple, yet foolproof way.

    My tattoo box allows a person to tattoo the ear of a rabbit without encountering the numerous issues from other, traditional methods of restraint used during the process -- some of which are ethically questionable, and others downright dangerous.

    These boxes are beautifully finished and very sturdy, with rugged hardware. Includes an oversized chest handle, strong piano hinge, and a toolbox-type draw latch. All boxes include a set of sliding panels that move in tracks built into the box, which allow you to change the inside dimensions to fit any breed of rabbit, from Flemish Giants (at reasonable tattooing age, up to just over 14 lbs) to Britannia Petites and young kits. Everything is sanded smooth to protect both your hands and all of the soft rabbit parts.

    Photo Booth Example
    Rabbit Show Photography Services - Same-Day Printing

    At most shows I attend, I set up a photo booth where folks can have pictures of their rabbits or cavies taken. I do this in front of a green screen (Chromakey) setup, which allows me to "pull" them out of the background and electronically place them in a background that is unique to each show. The photo comes with text that identifies the show that it was taken at, and I let you choose a line of custom text (the name of their award or win, usually -- but you can always choose instead to have their name or something else printed there, if you want a photo of a rabbit who perhaps didn't show or didn't place). It's a great memento, either way!

    If you would like to contact me about providing awards for your event (such as Best in Show and Reserve in Show photos), please contact me!

    Custom Vinyl Decals

    I design and cut vinyl decals, and have them for every ARBA-recognized breed (many in different varieties). I do multi-color overlay decals, as well as the traditional single-color ones.

    Two-color Siamese Satin
    These are the type of decals that adhere to the outside of car windows, but can be stuck to a variety of other surfaces as well: binders, laptops, mirrors, phone cases, computer cases, and any other smooth surface you can think of!

    I also can design and cut custom decals, such as ones for rabbit/cavy carriers, the back/side/canopy of your vehicle, your rabbitry logo, storefront logos/hours of business, or any other design from an image or business card. I have over 20 available colors. I can even create vinyl banners for your business or club!

    I cut wall decals as well, for interior walls in homes and businesses; usually these are used to display welcoming or inspirational sayings, or for company logos or slogans.

    Raw Local Honey

    At shows, I often bring and sell honey from my own hives. I have several varietals for sale, from a few different locations in the Yakima Valley and a select other areas in Eastern Washington.