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    Our gorgeous herd buck
    We are a small rabbitry located in the heart of the Yakima Valley. We specialize in the beautiful and gentle American Chinchilla, which is a breed of rabbit that was developed between 1919 and 1924 in the United States. As such, this is one of our Heritage breeds — and yet, the American Chinchilla is very rare! For more interesting facts about this fascinating rabbit, please visit our page about The American Chinchilla.

    We began raising rabbits in 2013 but didn't get serious about it until the following year. It wasn't until November of 2014 that we bought our first pedigreed rabbit: an American Chinchilla named Cassandra. It wasn't long before we swiftly fell in love with them and bought two more just a week or two later. That same month, we began entering them in rabbit shows hosted by members of the American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA). At the first three shows, we were the only ones showing American Chinchilla rabbits at all! We're picking up speed now, though — more breeders are coming to more shows with American Chinchillas. Exciting times!

    In March of 2015, our Noble Furs' Olen became our first American Chinchilla to win 3 qualifying legs for her Grand Champion certificate. Since then, she went on to win 2 more. She earned her retirement from the show circuit at only 7 months old.

    The kits are endlessly curious!
    L3 Farm's Dana became our first home-grown Grand Champion, earning her 4th leg at 5 and a half months old! Her first three were as a junior, so we had to move her into the Intermediate class a little early, so she could get the final one she needed, in the higher class.

    Sometimes, our success stories aren't even our own rabbits — at least, they aren't anymore. Two home-grown bucks we sold as juniors to Backwoods Rabbitry both just won their final legs to become Grand Champions: L3's Bronte and L3's Edmark. Congratulations boys, and congratulations Backwoods! It's nice to know that the stock we sell is doing well for people!

    Visit Our Rabbits or Rabbit Shows to learn more about us, or to inquire about purchasing our rabbits. You can order our tattoo boxes and get onto our rabbit waiting list from Our Products page (which links to our online store), as well.
  • Show-quality American Chinchillas with full pedigrees, from top breeder lines
  • Pet/meat-quality rabbits
  • A 10% 4H and military/veteran discount on all rabbits
  • Hand-crafted, adjustable rabbit tattoo boxes
  • COMING SOON: Hand-crafted rabbit grooming tables
  • Vinyl decals for car windows, binders, signs, and more
  • Custom vinyl decals for carriers, vehicles, rabbitry logos, personalized text, or from an image
  • Raw, local honey from the Yakima Valley and a few select locations in Eastern Washington

Hey, what's down there?
  • Improve the American Chinchilla breed through a responsible breeding program. Design this program to eliminate traits and strengthen others, in accordance with the ARBA Standard of Perfection.
  • Show our rabbits to obtain objective, experienced opinions which can be used as data for the determination of the success of our breeding program.
  • Raise our rabbits humanely and ethically, with a focus on quality of life and positive interactions with people.
  • Only provide the highest-quality products, whether it be livestock, produce, crafted items, or resold goods.
  • Be a part of the American Chinchilla community and help benefit the "greater good" of this breed through collaborative effort and competitive spirit.
  • Enjoy these amazing rabbits.